Description of the workshop

Inspired by the humorous series Kaamelott, the eponymous retrospective is both a comprehensive and fun workshop format. The template includes an icebreaker, a detailed review of the previous sprint, and a vote of confidence on the upcoming sprint.

As for the retrospective itself, it suggests looking back on the sprint which has just ended according to the following 4 topics:

  1. Questions and doubts;
  2. Good points ;
  3. Improvement actions;
  4. New ideas.

How to run the Kaamelott Retrospective

The workshop takes place in 6 steps:

Step 1: Ice breaker

The workshop begins with an ice breaker in which participants should express their current state of mind using a “Mood Wall” type canvas.

Step 2: Review of improvement actions defined during the previous retrospective

Step 2 allows you to reflect on the improvement actions decided during the previous retrospective. The leaders of these actions thus have the opportunity to explain what has been implemented and the impact this will have on the team.

Step 3: General assessment of the sprint achieved

During step 3, participants are invited to rate, on a scale of 1 to 5, their feelings about the sprint that just ended along 3 axes:

  • Their satisfaction with the work carried out;
  • The pace of work;
  • Their motivation.

It’s a practical and concise way to assess the team's health.

Step 4: Detailed assessment of the sprint carried out

The participants reflect on the sprint that has just ended and complete the matrix, the sections presented above.

If you want participants to propose their ideas without influencing each other, you can use polling booth mode.

Step 5: Selection of improvement initiatives

Step 5 consists of prioritizing the improvement initiatives you want to implement during the next sprint, for example, through a voting session.

Step 6: Vote of confidence

The workshop concludes with a vote of confidence regarding the team's ability to commit to the next sprint.